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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday preparations.. an advent of sort

From Evernote:

Holiday preparations.. an advent of sort

My town has a great pottery shop where you pick out your pottery piece of choice, from bowls and plates to little figurines and ornaments, and paint them. Then they glaze them, and you pick them up in about a week. It's really smart and everything is so cute. You can look towards their stuff for inspiration or just have creativity to do whatever you can think up.

Anyway, I was recently looking at cute handmade advent calendars when I thought about making something like that but instead of treats, things to do in preparation of the holidays or fun activities to get in the holiday spirit. So you could either use boxes like this lovely idea, or fill up a bowl full of 25 (or however many you'd like) notes. They could have tasks to do or have activities (like "Go ice skating" or "Make cookies and deliver them to neighbors").

Here are some ideas for things to put the notes in (all found on Etsy):

Whether it's a bowl, dish, vase, or cookie jar, it's up to you! I hope to go into the pottery shop and paint my own before December starts here in a few days. :) Happy Holidays!

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