"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." ~Twyla Tharp

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coming home.

Ok, I've been home. But I relished for a more creative title than just "Homecoming". So here we go.

It's homecoming time during my little high school life! The dance is in less than 3 weeks now? I believe so. Of course I'm daydreaming of a cute, adorable, hot, nice, sweet, funny, and charming guy asking me. But there's also that super cute senior boy I always see in the halls. Even though I'm a mere sophomore, I can dream can't I? And he's short too, which is cool since I am as well. Me and one of my friends have been devising a plan to get these 2 seniors to notice us, or more so like us and then ask us to homecoming. Haha it could happen! ;) But I really enjoy the plan.

And as I have not been asked yet (truly asked), I would still like to take a moment to look at some dresses that have caught my eye.

Do you have any memories or good stories of your homecoming? Or just dreams? I'd love to hear them. :)

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